No matter if we talk about expensive cars, exclusive music instruments or designer furniture: Where glossy surfaces are required, SATA is the first choice, since SATA spray guns, respirators, air filter regulators and a large range of accessories are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. As a result, demanding customers around the world can be sure to work with perfect equipment, ensuring optimum conditions for excellent finishes.


Spray Guns

SATA spray guns – like the majority of all other SATA products – are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. Ultra-modern, state-of-the-art production facilities combined with a comprehensive quality assurance system ensure the highest level of precision in the entire manufacturing process.


Cup Systems

SATA RPS is the cup system for shops looking for perfect finishes and high profitability. It makes the painter's life much easier, considerably increases productivity and drastically reduces cleaning effort.


Breathing Protection

SATA breathing protection equipment - whether it be full face respirator or half mask - provides maximum protection, enhanced lifetime and increased wearer comfort to preserve your health without restricting your mobility, thus ensuring perfect results.


Air Filtration

Every bodyshop requires compressed air for many different applications, such as for painting, operation of paint pressure tanks, material pumps, blow guns, cleaning devices and/or supplied-air respirator systems. According to the field of application, there are different requirements concerning air purification: In any case, SATa offer the appropriate solution.



Accessories encompass products for material supply, curing of waterborne paints, spray gun washing machines and other useful tools for gentle and environmentally friendly spray gun cleaning, spare parts and spray gun accessories, products for cavity preservation as well as the mixing and dosing unit 2K mix.


SATA Special Editions

Whether in trendy fantasy tattoo design or in sportive soccer designs, every limited special edition is a real collector's item. SATA offers unique and intricate special editions on a regular basis. In case that you think however that this fully functional spray gun is too beautiful to work with - it also looks very nice as a piece of art in a showcase or lends itself as a perfect gift to award to outstanding employees.


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