SATA® clean RCS™ - the turbo cleaner

Professional rapid cleaning system

Reliable colour change when using disposable cups or SATA RPS.




SATA® multi clean™ 2

Enclosed gun washer offering great savings

Cleaning your paint guns should not only be done thoroughly, but also by saving cost and protecting the environment. 


Wet Holding Tray for up to 3 paint spray guns

Prevents hardening of paint residue in the nozzles and thus prolongs the life time of your paint spray guns.

SATA care set

Simplifying Spray Gun Service

The SATA care set provides space for all utensils required for the cleaning and maintenance of spray guns. Several different brushes to clean spray gun body, air cap and fluid tip as well as all material passages of the spray gun are included in the delivery.

SATA High performance grease

silicone and acid free

SATA® Nozzle cleaning nozzles

Pack of 36 pcs

The flexible needles are for the cleaning of nozzle parts without damaging the nozzle and causing spray pattern malfunctions.

SATA cleaning set

For efficient spray gun cleaning

The cleaning kit is the indispensable tool to ensure the exact spray fan. Complete cleaning kit consisting of 12 cleaning needles and 2 brushes.

Double-sided Cleaning Brushes

Pack of 10 pieces
The ultra-fine and silicone-free brushes are suitable for cleaning the minuscule nozzle drillings of air cap and fluid tip.

Pack of 10 Cleaning Brushes

For efficient cleaning of paint spray guns

SATA® cert

Security First to Prevent Rework

The quality of a paint job is primarily evaluated visually, by optical factors such as colour match, colour effects, gloss, etc. The spray gun itself plays a crucial role in this and significantly contributes to ensure high quality standards in the work processes of any paint shop.