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Mistakes to avoid when using spray guns

Wrong tools

Often the wrong tools are used for cleaning nozzle components such as paper clips or wire brushes. In so doing, the spray pattern is adversely affected and optimum results can only be achieved by purchasing a new nozzle set. For a careful, thorough cleaning of the air cap and fluid tip we recommend using the SATA Cleaning Kit (Order No. 64030) for long-term satisfaction of your SATA spray gun.




 Forcible disassembly of nozzle components

Using unsuitable tools often damages the front and back sealing surfaces of the fluid tip. To ensure sealing the fluid tip, only the special tool included in the delivery contents should be used to loosen or tighten it.

Cleaning in dirty thinner

Spray guns are often “soaked” in thinner. However by doing that the air and fluid passages become clogged with paint residue. The resulting residue grows little by little until the air passages become plugged. The spray quality of the gun becomes compromised and must be repaired or replaced for a significant sum of money. With modern gun washers the passages are continually blown out. When cleaning the spray gun by hand, take care that no paint residue or particles reach the inside of the gun through the air inlet or the fluid tip threads.

Contaminated compressed air

Dirt in the air supply from water, dust or oil often leads to expensive refinish work and unsatisfied customers. The best possible clean air is essential for achieving the best possible paintwork. For more information, please refer to our compressed air adviser. The SATA 444 combination fine filter provides perfect results.

Faulty nozzle components

A working nozzle set is the decisive factor for an optimum spray pattern. To ensure low overspray while painting, all SATA nozzles are hand tested and fine-tuned to ensure the highest precision.  That includes complete spray guns as well as replacement nozzle sets. Mixing different nozzle components leads to degradation of the spray pattern with unsatisfactory results. 

Wrong pressure setting 

Users sometimes forget that pressure decreases depend on the inside diameter and length of compressed air hoses. So with a ¼ inch inside diameter 35-foot hose only 22 psi of the required 43 psi adjusted at the filter arrives at the spray gun. Therefore, it is important that air pressure is measured at the spray gun air inlet. That is done with SATA DIGITALAll SATA high-performance spray guns which feature a digital pressure display integrated in the gun handle are classified by the term “DIGITAL”. What is pressure Indication required for? To ensure best possible colour matching, you should follow exactly the parameters recommended by the respective paint manufacturer. Among others, this includes the air inlet pressure on the spray gun. The more you deviate from the recommended pressure the more the actually achieved colour tone will deviate as well. Why should I use DIGITAL spray guns? DIGITAL paint spray guns from SATA measure the air inlet pressure on the spray gun electronically and thus accurately and also indicate it on the digital, easy-to-read display. With DIGITAL spray guns, you can be sure to reproduce precisely the required colour tone and thus avoid costly re-work. DIGITAL guns are particularly easy to handle, since they are 20% shorter and 20% lighter than the equivalent SATA spray guns with add-on manometer and micrometer. With DIGITAL spray guns, there is also no cumbersome disassembly of the manometer and the micrometer prior to cleaning of the spray gun in a gun washer machine.  Do the electronic components resist the rigors of daily use? If a few basic principles are followed, SATA DIGITAL guns are completely solvent-proof.  As a matter of fact, DIGTIAL guns are also shock-proof and explosion-proof.X» technology or add-on solutions such as the compressed air micrometer with gauge.

Missing respirators 

“I only paint for 5 minutes”. That’s a common statement, but unfortunately vapor and overspray lead to serious health damage. The consequences may only appear after 10 or 20 years. Protect yourself with a suitable respirator.


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