The origins of Sanitaria go back to the firm Gretsch & Cie. GmbH in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, which was established in 1863 by Friedrich Carl Bauer and now operates in Ditzingen under the name of Gretsch-Unitas.


YearCompany HistoryProduct History
1906Arthur Haeberle and August Drehmann acquire the surgical device manufacturing department of Gretsch and Cie. GmbH by way of a management buyout. Arthur Haeberle had been shareholder and CEO at Gretsch since the beginning of 1904. An employee of this division and future Board Member of Sanitaria AG, Ludwig Waelde, had begun an apprenticeship as a commercial assistant at Gretsch back in 1902.SATA Record Syringe
1907The newly established company moves to leased premises in Feuerbach. The management comprises Arthur Haeberle and August Drehmann.Sanitaria GmbH is set up on 25 January 1907 with the aim of producing surgical instruments and supplies. The so-called lever lock, a bottle stopper with spray action for a spray coolant, is featured in the product range and is still supplied to the same customer to this day.
1910Sanitaria relocates from Feuerbach to a new building in Wernerstrasse in Ludwigsburg (company headquarters until 1992).
1911Eight further partners buy shares of Sanitaria. One of the new shareholders, Adam Teufel, is also appointed Technical Director.
1914“Sata” is registered as a trademark.
1918Anton Kreidler becomes a shareholder during recapitalisation at Sanitaria.
1921The company is converted to a public company. Arthur Haeberle and Adam Teufel are Members of the Board.
1925Start of production of the first paint spray guns as a “private label” for lacquer factory Christian Lechler in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.
1926First patent: paint spray gun with two-piece air cap and elliptical air passages.
1931Commercialisation gets underway for Sanitaria’s own spray gun lines, the SATA LM, MC, MR and P.
1932Resignation of Adam Teufel (Member of the Board and Technical Director). Arthur Haeberle remains CEO. Friedrich Bäuchle becomes Technical Director.SATA LM
1940Ludwig Waelde is appointed to join Arthur Haeberle on the Board of Directors.
1942After the death of Anton Kreidler, his son Alfred Kreidler also acquires the shares inherited by his siblings and those held by other partners, giving him a share of around 40 per cent of the corporate equity.
1944Arthur Haeberle steps down from the Board of Directors. Ludwig Waelde is appointed CEO.
1954Sanitaria Versorgung GmbH is set up as the company pension fund.Market launch of the first SATA GR model.
1956Retirement of Technical Director Friedrich Bäuchle.
1957Alfred Gänsbauer joins the company as Technical Director.
1958Belated golden jubilee celebrations. Alfred Kreidler buys out Mrs Haeberle, pushing his share capital up to over 82 per cent.
1959Ludwig Waelde retires. Otto Peter Klaschus is appointed CEO.
1962Alfred Kreidler acquires the remaining shares.
1964Otto Peter Klaschus leaves Sanitaria. Dr. Dieter Freiling is appointed CEO. The public company (AG) is converted to a private limited company (GmbH).
1965Manfred Liphardt joins the company as the new CEO following the exit of Dr. Dieter Freiling.
1968The field sales force is installed.
1969First trade fair presentation at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt.
1970SATAjet trademark application (registered in 1971).
1975Sanitaria celebrates “50 years of SATA paint spray guns”.
1980Alfred Kreidler dies and his shares pass to his widow, Elisabeth Kreidler, and to his descendants, Eva Kreidler and Axel Kreidler.
1981Sanitaria GmbH changes its name to SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH. Richard Beutelschieß joins the company as Technical Director.Market launch of the legendary SATAjet B paint spray gun.
1982The company celebrates its 75th anniversary. Technical Director Alfred Gänsbauer retires.
1986-1990The production facilities are gradually relocated to the industrial park of Kornwestheim.
1987The company changes its name to SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH and Co.
1988First replica of a SATA spray gun emerges from Taiwan.
1990HVLP technology (High Volume Low Pressure).
1992Company move is concluded with the completion of the administration building in Kornwestheim and relocation of the remaining administrative departments.
1995SATA is certified for the first time as conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001.
1998Albrecht Kruse joins the company as the new CEO. After 33 years in management Manfred Liphardt retires. Death of Elisabeth Kreidler. Her shares pass to Eva Kreidler and Axel Kreidler.
1999Market launch of the SATAjet 2000 HVLP. SATA contends with increas­ing product piracy. SATA forgery SATEX made by Turkish firm Mersin is presented with the 1999 Plagiarius gnome award, a “negative award” for one of the most brazen forgeries.
2000Logistics centre is built and delivery times are significantly reduced.RP technology (Reduced Pressure).
2001TOP 100 Award: SATA is numbered among the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.Digital technology, i.e. explosion-proof digital pressure gauge integrated in the paint spray gun.
2002Another TOP 100 Award. The company changes its name to SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH and Co KG.
2003Completion of the so-called Technikum, providing an administration building for Technical Management, R and D, Export departments, testing and training.
2004Martin Mangold joins the company as Technical Director. Richard Beutelschieß steps down from active service as Technical Director (consultant to the company 2004–2007).
2006“SATA UK Ltd.” is set up in Newmarket. The company changes its name to SATA GmbH and Co. KG. Neighbouring plot of land purchased from Hermann Kittelberger. Logistics centre is extended.Market Launch of the SATAjet 3000
2007The company celebrates its centenary. Extension to Technikum including training area.SATA Century
2008Market launch of SATAjet 100 B series and SATA filter 100 prep for primer and filler
2009Completion of an additional manufacturing facility
2010Market launch of SATAjet 4000 B, special technique to transfer photo-realistic pictures on&nbspspray gun bodies

100 years Company story

Experience 100 years of SATA painting technology beginning with the foundation of Sanitaria manufacturing medical instruments until today’s SATA GmbH & Co. KG and their efforts in painting technology!

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