Product Service

Spray Gun Service and Repair at SATA Company
You may return your SATA spray gun direct or through your dealer whether it is defective or just needs servicing, as well as all other SATA products to our company for repair. This service applies especially to older models, but current models as well. A detailed estimate will ensure you will be fully aware of the exact cost involved.

Estimates are free of charge and you may then decide if you wish repairs to be carried out.

Please direct your inquiries to:
SATA GmbH & Co. KG
P.O. Box 1828
D- 70799 Kornwestheim
Telephone: +49 (7154) 811-200
Fax: +49 (7154) 811-194
We will be happy to provide you with the address of a dealer near you.
Filter service is worth it
Make use of SATA Filter Service for frequent inspection and maintenance of your compressed air equipment. As a result you will ensure best compressed air quality and avoid finishing failures and expensive redos.

SATA filter service with the SATA air check set carries out an objective evaluation of compressed air. You will find authorized dealers all over the U.S. for filter service. It covers all SATA filter models and it’s definitely worth it.

We will be pleased to provide you with the address of an authorized dealer in your area:

Telephone: +49 (7154) 811-200