First steps ...

Putting your spray gun in operation

Clean spray air achieved by using a combi fine filter unit with built-in pressure
regulator for initial spray pressure adjustment. Due to the high pressure
drop in the air hose / coupling, the dynamic inlet pressure should be
checked / adjusted at the paint spray gun. 

Sufficient air volume sufficient compressor performance adapted to the air consumption of the paint spray gun, by means of large air line diameters, in particular
of the air hose, which should have a minimum inner diameter of 9 mm for avoiding too much pressure drop. Anti-static, silicone-free and pressure-resistant. 
Compressed air micrometer
For maximum flow fully open integrated micrometer, i.e. turn it to vertical
position III. Allows direct pressure regulation at the gun (not available with all gun types).

Correct adjustment of the dynamic inlet pressure

a) Gun plus micrometer with gauge, or SATAjet DIGITAL
Assure sufficient pressure at the pressure regulator (small arrow). Adjust recommended inlet pressure at the micrometer (arrow) - see chart A below.

b) Gun with pressure gauge
Adjust pressure at the pressure regulator (small arrow) in a way that the
respective inlet pressure required for each gun type (see technical details of the guns) is obtained.

c) Gun without pressure gauge
As a practical aid - not suitable for professionals - the pressure can
also be adjusted vaguely without gauge: Adjust the pressure at the
pressure regulator in a way that it is 0.6 bar above the recommended gun inlet pressure per 10 m hose (inner diameter 9 mm).

Material flow control
Adjust the material flow in accordance with material viscosity and the
requested flow rate (arrow) and secure by means of counter nut (small
arrow). Usually the material flow control is fully open.
Round / flat spray control
The round / flat spray control is used for infinitely variable adjustment
of the fan to the object:
Turn towards the left - Flat spray
Turn towards the right - Round spray 
Nozzle set
A nozzle set is a complete, checked unit of paint needle, paint nozzle and
air cap. The air cap should be aligned in a way that its inscription is on
top. Only original spare parts ensure highest quality and life time.

Spray distance
In order to avoid overspray and bad paint jobs, the spray distance between the air cap and the object should be maintained depending on gun type and material.