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SATAjet RP RP is an acronym for Reduced Pressure - optimized high pressure spray guns which achieve perfect finishes as well as transfer efficiency rates exceeding 65%. RP spray guns comply with the legislation of the EU VOC directive.   Switching from high pressure technology to RP technology is easily mastered by every painter, as it will allow him to continue working "as before". SATA RP spray guns are therefore also referred to as "Super Speed" spray equipment. X»

PreviewTitleFile size
Antelope Valley Approval Antelope-CA-Approval.pdf 261,5 KB
Bay Area Approval BayArea-CA-Approval.pdf 304,3 KB
Butte County Approval ButteCounty-CA-Approval.pdf 2,3 MB
Colorado Approval CO-Approval.pdf 115,5 KB
Delaware Approval DE-Approval.pdf 67,5 KB
Indiana Approval IN-Approval.pdf 215,8 KB
Kern County Approval KernCounty-CA-Approval.pdf 891,6 KB
Maryland Department Approval MD-Approval.pdf 77,8 KB
Mojave Desert Approval MojaveDesert-CA-Approval.pdf 132,3 KB
New York Approval NY-Approval.pdf 109,6 KB
Ohio Approval OH-EPA_­Approval.pdf 133,7 KB
Pennsylvania Approval PA-Approval.pdf 225,4 KB
Rhode Island Approval RI-Approval.pdf 74,4 KB
Sacramento Approval Sacramento-CA-Approval.pdf 135,2 KB
SantaBarbara_Approval.indd SanDiego-CA-Approval.pdf 2,5 MB
SanJoaquin_Approval.indd SanJoaquin-CA-Approval.pdf 112,4 KB
SantaBarbara_Approval.indd SantaBarbara-CA-Approval.pdf 110,6 KB
Shasta_Approval.indd ShastaCounty-CA_­Approval.pdf 68,7 KB
South Coast Approval SouthCoast-CA-SCAQMD_­Approval.pdf 75,7 KB
Texas_Approval.indd TX-Approval.pdf 60,6 KB
Maryland_Approval.indd VenturaCounty-CA-Approval.pdf 95,7 KB

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