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How do I know that I have really purchased a genuine SATA product?

With the SATA SAL-System you can rely on a well-engineered and absolutely safe system to check the authenticity. Within seconds, you will know if you have acquired a genuine product manufactured by us. All you have to do is to enter the code which you will find when scratching free the hologram label on the packaging.

How do I service a paint spray gun properly?

Please refer to our video on gun cleaning, tips for painters, as well as to the 7 Deadly Sins concerning the Handling of a Spray Gun in section ‘Services’. After studying these web pages, you will know how to handle a paint gun.

I am looking for a particular spare part drawing for my SATA paint spray gun. Do I find the requested information on your homepage?

You will find the respective spare parts lists and explosion parts drawings as well as complete instruction manuals for current and discontinued products on our website – just click on the respective spray gun in the programme overview or use the product quick finder. Additionally, a special search programme for discontinued products is available. Below the illustration of each product we have listed the links to the instruction manuals, brochures and spare parts drawings.

Is there any support concerning the correct use of paint spray guns and other products?

Yes, we offer a large number of training videos. From the proper cleaning of the spray gun, to the maintenance of filter units and personal protection equipment, you will find concise and informative videos to watch or to download under ‘Service and Guidelines’.

Where can I get tips on painting-related issues?

The SATA-Forum offers plenty of opportunities to exchange opinions with fellow painters or to look for answers on specific issues.

Where can I register my new SATA spray gun for the three-year extended warranty?

Simply register online spray guns, filters and air-supplied breathing systems for the SATA premium warranty within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will then receive a confirmation of your extended warranty by return e-mail.

As a member of the press, I am always looking for new product launches and product improvements. Am I served in this section as a member of the press?

Especially for the needs of the press, press releases and press images can be downloaded in the section ‘News & Press’.

Can I apply water-borne paint with every SATA paint spray gun?

Yes, all hand-held SATA paint spray guns of current production can be used for the application of water-borne paints without restriction. For the permanent use in industrial applications, automatic and robotic paint spray guns are available. We recommend working with two separate sets of spray guns when using solvent-based as well as waterborne paints to prevent coatings flaws and expensive rework!

Can I soak the complete spray gun in solvent to clean it?

Definition: While soaking the spray gun in solvent, dirt particles and paint residues are removed, but also deposited in the air passages of the spray gun. Since the air passages consist of very fine drillings, these particles will gradually block the passages. Usually, the painter is not immediately aware of this slow process: The quality of the finish just gradually deteriorates before it is finally noticed (colour deviations, particle inclusions, reduced spray fan). Then the paint, the pressure or other causes are often blamed for the failure – but rarely the inappropriate treatment of the spray gun. We recommend either cleaning your spray gun in a gun washer (featuring a connector to apply a counter stream of air to protect the air passages) or thoroughly and carefully by hand – but never soak it in thinner or bleach.

Do I also get detailed information on paint materials?

We are specialists for paint application tools – we will be glad to direct you to paint manufacturers – you will find the respective links under ‘Links/Paint Manufacturers’.

Do you look for quality when purchasing a tool?

SATA products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide for their famed quality “Made in Germany”. This is warranted by the high-precision manufacturing at the only production site in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart.

Does the homepage also offer some entertainment besides useful data and facts for the daily work?

Yes, in vest of the SATA game – a classic “Jump and Run” game which brings a lot of fun and distraction – with its score tracking system it is an ideal pastime for your entire team during their lunch break. You will find this game under ‘Companies/Game’.

How can I get in touch with the SATA representative who is responsible for the territory I am located in?

Under Contact/Sales representatives you will find a request form in which you communicate your wishes online. The respective SATA representative will get in contact with you immediately.

How can I reach you on the phone when I have technical queries?

You will be well catered for in section ‘Contact’ – whether on the phone or by e-mail – here you can contact us fast and easy.

How do I find the right tool for the application of the selected material?

For example, the application charts on our product pages dedicated to the various manufacturers offer a practical and reliable guideline. In co-operation with numerous paint manufacturers specialised in different product segments you will find permanently updated recommendations on spray gun, nozzle size and spray pressure suitable for the selected material.

How many employees do work at SATA?

SATA is a classical medium-size company. Right now, 264 employees are working at SATA. Typically, our employees are with the company for many years, often from the beginning of their apprenticeship to their retirement.

I am interested in the history of SATA. Where do I get information on the SATA history?

The SATA History offers you a comprehensive overview on the over 100 years of company and product history.

I would like to receive further information on the painting industry – could you offer me some guidance?

Of course – in our section ‘Painter-Links’ you will find plenty of links assisting you to inform yourself comprehensively.

I would like to visit SATA – where can I get a map with directions?

The map with directions to Kornwestheim can be downloaded from our website.

Is it true that the spray pattern of each SATA spray gun is tested prior to delivery?

Yes, at SATA each spray gun and each spare nozzle set is meticulously hand-adjusted by experienced colleagues to ensure the best possible spray pattern. To work with a vertical spray fan, the air cap has to be aligned with the laser-etching on the cap legible when looking from the front. For a horizontal spray fan, the individual control mark, which is stamped on one of the horns of the air cap identifying each person carrying out the final check, must be positioned on the top.

My dealer has recommended replacing my old high-pressure spray gun with a modern model with higher transfer efficiency – does this make sense?

Yes, modern overspray-reduced and VOC-compliant paint spray guns with HVLP low-pressure technology or optimized high-pressure technology offer finest atomization for top-quality finishes and provide for considerable material savings and increased sustainability due to their transfer efficiency rate well exceeding 65%.

The SATA homepage is available in numerous different languages! In how many countries are your products available?

From our only manufacturing site in Kornwestheim we currently ship to 94 countries worldwide.

TV tuning shows featuring SATA paints spray guns and equipment are regularly broadcasted. For design and creative artwork I am looking for a suitable airbrush: Does SATA offer this product category?

There is also a tradition of SATA airbrush guns – for almost 80 years now. Nowadays, you can find a large range of different models to suit all kinds of applications, budgets and expectations. Please refer to the overview ‘Application/Airbrush’.

What does the company name SATA stand for?

The modern-day company name SATA GmbH & Co. KG and the SATA brand were registered as a trademark as early as in 1914. The name was created from the two syllables of the original company SANITARIA which had produced medical equipment. For further information, please look at ‘Company/SATA History’.

What is Quick Change?

Definition: The easy-to-clean and low-maintenance quick-change thread on the air cap. The coarse thread is easy to clean and the air cap can be removed and reassembled with just 1.5 turns.

Where are the SATA production sites located?

SATA products are exclusively produced at one location in Germany.

With a highly vertically integrated production, state-of-the-art production facilities and, most of all, a motivated and highly qualified team, SATA products are being produced in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart.

Where can I find out which is the right paint spray gun for my application problem?

In this case, please go to the section ‘Services’. Under ‘Painting adviser’ you will find the SATA spray disc which efficiently and conveniently leads the way to the right spray gun.

Where can I search for sources of supply for spray equipment which is not offered by SATA?

In this context, we would like to refer you to the websites of the trade magazines where you will quite often find the requested links.


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