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1 + 2 = 3 Premium Warranty

Provided that you return the completed Premium Warranty card or register via the online Premium Warranty  registration within 30 days from the date of purchase, you will be entitled to an extended warranty (1 year + 2 years = 3 years) on SATA paint spray guns, filter units and air-fed respirator masks.


All spray guns carrying this logo can be retrofitted with a SATA adam to upgrade them with a DIGITAL gauge.

This encompasses all guns featuring an integrated standard air micrometer: 

  • SATAjet 3000 B and K
  • SATAjet 2000 HVLP
  • SATAjet RP
  • SATAjet 1000 B, H and K
  • SATA LM 2000 B, H and K
  • SATAjet 100 B
  • SATAjet B and GR
  • SATAminijet 3 and 4 (only with SATA adam mini)

Air Cap Pressure

Air cap pressure is air pressure inside the air cap of the spray gun. Dieser darf bei HVLP Pistolen nicht über 10 psi (0,7 bar) liegen, zum Nachweis sind für einige Modelle Prüfluftkappen erhältlich mit denen nachgemessen werden kann.

Air cap with wide horns

When spraying highly viscous paint materials using ->air-atomizing wet application methods this could lead to material bounce back. In such case, paint particles are deposited on the air cap horns due to turbulent air streams. This can be prevented to happen by using air caps with shortened horns which are also set further apart (wide horns), thus avoiding air turbulences.

Air Circulation System

With the SATAjet 3000, SATAjet 1000 HVLP, SATAjet 100 B F HVLP, SATAjet 2000, SATAjet 2000 DIGITAL 2, SATAjet RP and SATAjet RP DIGITAL 2, the fluid tip is equipped with the patented* SATA air circulation system.It prevents the air stream from entering the air cap directly and without any control. The impact plate ensures that the compressed air fills the air cap in a regular manner. Thus, atomization air is fed into the air cap at a constant speed. The result is a steady, soft and almost turbulence-free air stream and, therefore, a soft, steady spray fan, creating an almost completely mottle-free spray pattern with the application of metallic basecoat.

Air consumption

The air consumption per minute serves as an indication for the quantity of air which the compressor has to supply to the spray gun as a minimum requirement. In case that the actual rate is below, it will affect the air-atomization quality.

Air-atomizing wet application

-> Application methods


With airless application, the material is atomised without air – the material pressure alone allows the atomisation in a very small nozzle. Due to the coarser atomisation, very high transfer rates can be achieved. However, in this case, the surface structure is coarser in comparison to air-atomising application technology.

Application Methods

The various application methods can be essentially categorized as follows:

  1. Dry application
  2. Wet application
    1. air-atomizing by means of

      1. Conventional high-pressure spray guns
      2. RP spray guns
      3. HVLP spray guns

    2. airless

Atomization Pressure

-> Air-Cap Pressure


This is the physical unit used for the measurement of pressure in Europe. Material and air pressure are indicated in bar (1 bar = approx. 14.5 psi).


SATA Colour Code System – allowing easy identification of the spray gun. For example, your spray gun for waterborne paints could be marked with a blue chip and your clear coat gun with a black chip or one particular colour could be assigned to each individual painter.

CE Marking

CE stands for “European Community”. The CE marking affirms that the product conforms to the legal provisions of the European Community; i.e. Machine Guideline 98/37/EG.

Compliant Paint Spray Guns

Paint guns that achieve a transfer efficiency higher than 65%, but are not HVLP guns are called “compliant” guns. With these spray guns, the air cap pressure is considerably higher than 10 psi. Consequently they are actually HP (high pressure) spray guns. However, due to their relatively high transfer efficiency, they are permitted in many countries worldwide (-> VOC).
SATA compliant guns bear the designation “RP” . These models include,

  • SATAjet 3000 RP
  • SATAjet 1000 RP
  • SATAjet 100 B RP
  • SATAjet RP
  • SATAjet K3 RP
  • SATA Spray Master RP
  • SATA LM 2000 RP

Compressed air quality

Air composition regarding oil, dust and water content.The standard DIN ISO 8573-1 defines the compressed air quality categories with regard to: :

  • Oil content
    Definition of the remaining quantity of aerosols and hydrocarbons the compressed air may contain.
  • Particle size and density
    Definition of size and concentration of solid particles compressed air may still contain.
  • Dew point under pressure
    Definition of the temperature to which the compressed air may be cooled down without condensation of the steam contained in it. The dew point under pressure varies with the air pressure.


Potential risks and disadvantages when using SATA copies and look-alikes Original SATA products - simply the best!Copies and SATA look-alikes do never match original SATA products in respect to quality and technology. Only SATA products have been produced at our high-precision manufacturing site in Kornwestheim and have passed our strict quality inspections: Made in Germany. Our products are available through a worldwide dealer network ensuring prompt and timely delivery, backed up by comprehensive warranty and service.These are the potential risks for end-users buying a SATA copy:

  • Poor results, i.e. the required finish quality cannot be guaranteed and might be difficult to accomplish. Insufficient atomization or a spray fan which is not appropriate for the paint material being applied lead to runs, coating flaws and cloudiness. This might cause you to redo a paint job which could easily cost many times more (additional labour cost for sanding and painting, additional paint) than the difference between the purchasing price of a SATA spray gun and a copy gun which often initially seems to be a good bargain  
  • Safety risk – e.g. due to falling-off parts, risk of injury from sharp edges, leakages in the air or material passages, risk of explosion
  • Short product lifetime 
  • Poor atomization – e.g. cloudiness and mottling, orange peel, non-uniform material distribution, insufficient orientation of metal flakes
  • Colour deviations
  • Insufficient supply of spare parts
  • Increased wear and maintenance – risk of failure
  • Incurring repair cost
  • High paint and air consumption – increased cost
  • Corrosion of material passage or accessory parts
  • Time-consuming effort to clean gun surface and control elements
  • Slow work speed
  • Substances causing coating flaws – rework, contamination of the spray booth
  • Liability and indemnification risks due to possible infringement on intellectual property rights


All SATA high-performance spray guns which feature a digital pressure display integrated in the gun handle are classified by the term “DIGITAL”.
What is pressure Indication required for?
To ensure best possible colour matching, you should follow exactly the parameters recommended by the respective paint manufacturer. Among others, this includes the air inlet pressure on the spray gun. The more you deviate from the recommended pressure the more the actually achieved colour tone will deviate as well.
Why should I use DIGITAL spray guns?
DIGITAL paint spray guns from SATA measure the air inlet pressure on the spray gun electronically and thus accurately and also indicate it on the digital, easy-to-read display. With DIGITAL spray guns, you can be sure to reproduce precisely the required colour tone and thus avoid costly re-work.
DIGITAL guns are particularly easy to handle, since they are 20% shorter and 20% lighter than the equivalent SATA spray guns with add-on manometer and micrometer.
With DIGITAL spray guns, there is also no cumbersome disassembly of the manometer and the micrometer prior to cleaning of the spray gun in a gun washer machine. 
Do the electronic components resist the rigors of daily use?
If a few basic principles are followed, SATA DIGITAL guns are completely solvent-proof.  As a matter of fact, DIGTIAL guns are also shock-proof and explosion-proof.

DuPont Parlin

Measuring unit for viscosityThe table below shows the transformation into DIN 4 seconds.

DIN 4DuPont Parlin 7DuPont Parlin 10

Dynamic Inlet Pressure

-> Gun Inlet Pressure


Measuring unit for viscosityThe table below shows the transformation into DIN 4 seconds.

DIN 4Fisher 2


Measuring unit for viscosity The table below shows the transformation into DIN 4 seconds.

DIN 4Ford 3Ford 4

Gravity flow cup system

The gravity flow cup principle is an approved system to feed the paint spray guns with paint material. It provides an even material flow during the paint job and consequently best color match.

HD Conventional High Pressure Technology

Classic method of spray-painting for the highest finish requirements.

  • Varies from 43 – 58 psi (3.5-4 bars) according to type of spray gun. Extremely fine atomization and great surface coverage. Due to modern nozzle technology, many high-pressure guns achieve more than 65% transfer efficiency. The higher dynamic energy compared to HVLP technology often keeps the transfer efficiency considerably below those achieved with HVLP guns. This is due in particular to particle bounce back from the object and increased over spray.

  • All-inclusive application fields and various specialized work in industrial trades characterize this reliable technology.

Health Risks

Comprehensive health protection starts with suitable personal breathing equipment. Depending on the system being employed, you will also need to wear protective goggles and head sock. In any case, besides an overall you should also wear protective gloves and protective boots.Professional painters are recommended to wear either one of our air-supplied breathing equipment SATA vision 2000 or SATA air star C.For hobby painters and professional painters, when mixing paint, an air-filtrating half mask is normally sufficient. We are recommending the SATA air star F. When sanding, you can also use a plain dust protection mask like the SATA one for all.

The exposure to isocyanates during preparation work and painting poses a health risk which should not be taken lightly.


HVLP = High Volume Low Pressure - low spray pressure technology.Terminology for an internationally recognized low-pressure technology whereby the transfer efficiency rate has to exceed 65%, while the maximum air cap pressure is below 0.7 bar.

Inlet Pressure

The inlet pressure on the spray gun should always be correctly adjusted. This is particularly easy with the DIGITAL technology of the SATAjet 5000 DIGITAL or with the retrofit SATA adam 2. It is also possible, however, to connect a standard air micrometer with manometer to the gun. Since pressure in combination with the supply of compressed air (air consumption) has a great influence on optimum results, you should always ensure to set the inlet pressure as recommended. You will find information on the correct pressure to be used in the paint application sheet of the paint manufacturers or on the web pages reserved for each individual SATA spray gun.

Internal air cap pressure

The pressure inside the air cap must not exceed 10 psi (0.7 bar) on HVLP spray guns. The actual pressure can be checked with test air caps which are available for some specific SATA spray gun models.


International Standards Organization. DIN EN ISO 9001 is a model for quality assurance and quality management documentation in design, development, production, assembly and maintenance.


siehe auch druckgespeiste Lackierpistolen


MAK stands for maximum workplace concentration.This parameter represents the particle concentration at the workplace. The higher the concentration the higher are the requirements for an effective breathing protection.P2-filters are permitted up to a MAK factor of 10. P3-filters are allowed up to a MAK factor of 30.Air-supplied breathing equipment like, for example, the SATA vision 2000 are approved for workplace concentrations of up to 100.

Material Transfer Rate

-> Material transfer efficiency

Mixing paint with SATA RPS

The paint can be mixed in the SATA RPS cup which can then be used for painting. The paint is sieved during the paint job.
Scales of all common mixing ratios are printed well-readable in black on the cup.


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - the United States testing authority for worker health protection equipment.

Oil-water separator

This is the first stage of filter units like SATA filter 444 or 484. SATA oil-water separators possess an automatic condensate discharge valve and, according to the model, a pressure reducer as well.

Paint Application Charts

These paint application charts provide a guide for spray gun type and nozzle sizes recommended by the paint industry. They also provide the correct adjustments for the material in order to achieve a perfect finish.

Painting with RPS

Quick assembly: For painting, please put the SATA RPS mixing cup directly – without adapter – on your SATA paint spray gun with standard cup thread or QCC (Quick Cup Connector). RPS is ready for use with a few hand grips onlyFatigue-free working:  The low weight (RPS 0.6l = 50g and RPS 0.9l = 65g), the ergonomic balance (low centre of gravity) and the safe position on the paint spray gun allow a safe and fatigue-free working. Quick colour change:With RPS, colour changes can be quickly effected: only the paint channel of the spray gun is to be cleaned. By the way: SATAclean RCS, the turbo cleaner allows the professional cleaning of your paint spray gun.

Perfect finishes:During the paint job, the cup is continuously ventilated via the anti-drip device in the bottom of the cup ensuring an even material flow and material distribution – from the first to the last paint drop. This free ventilation of the cup during the paint job is named gravity flow cup principle, a basic condition for high colour match and for preventing cost intensive rework. This is exactly the reason why leading paint manufacturers use flow cups for the development of paints and for testing their colour shades.

Pressure reducer

In most cases, it is just one part of a multi-stage filter unit. It is, however, also available as a stand-alone air pressure regulation unit, SATA filter 420, or for the regulation of the material pressure (see also material pressure regulator).

Pressure-fed paint spray guns

This term is used for paint spray guns where pressurized paint material from pressure pots of various sizes is fed through a material hose. The pressure-fed paint spray guns from SATA can be easily recognized by the suffix “K” in their product denomination, for instance, the SATAjet 3000 K, the SATAjet K3 or the SATA LM 2000 K.Pressure-fed spray guns are perfectly suitable for processing larger quantities of paint, for example, when painting trucks, boats, air planes etc.These guns can be both connected to either double-membrane pumps or pressure pots.


This relates to the inner width of air lines and air hoses. The longer the airline the larger the inner diameter has to be dimensioned, in order to minimize the pressure loss and to ensure sufficient air volume..

Pump Ratio

While the material feeding on double-membrane pumps is ensured with the help of two permanently oscillating membranes, in case of compressed-air powered piston pumps the same function is realized with the help of a separate piston. This piston is being powered by a separate compressed-air motor via a piston rod. The air motor normally has a piston surface three to 64 times larger than the one of the piston which is being employed for the material feeding.The surface ratio of both pistons is referred to as pump ratio.A pump with a pump ratio of 1:32, for example, allows generating a material pressure of 96 bar with an effective compressed-air pressure of merely 3 bar.


The following paint spray guns are exclusively equipped with SATA QCC connection:

  • SATAjet 3000 B
  • SATAjet 1000 B
  • SATAjet 100 B

Adapters for the use of the 3M PPS system are available under part number 96179.Please note: Using cups of other manufacturers may lead to the loss of warranty and to paint flaws. Therefore, we recommend the use of original SATA components to ensure perfect finishes.

The patented quick cup change connection Quick Cup Connector (US.Pat. 6,877,677) guarantees that the gravity flow cup can be firmly fixed to the spray gun with a ¼ turn only, thus significantly facilitating cleaning and exchange of the cup.

Refilling paint

If required, SATA RPS allows an easy and clean refill. The SATA spray gun holder (# 40188) is a useful accessory.


RP is an acronym for Reduced Pressure - optimized high pressure spray guns which achieve perfect finishes as well as transfer efficiency rates exceeding 65%. RP spray guns comply with the legislation of the EU VOC directive.
Switching from high pressure technology to RP technology is easily mastered by every painter, as it will allow him to continue working "as before". SATA RP spray guns are therefore also referred to as "Super Speed" spray equipment.


RPS = Rapid Preparation System - One-way cup system for the efficient application of paint. It is the ideal system for mixing, painting, refilling and storing of left-over paint.The SATA RPS is available in 0.3 l, 0.6l and 0.9l cup sizes and fits on the following spray gun models without adapter:

  • SATAjet 4000 B
  • SATAjet 3000 B
  • SATAjet 1000 B
  • SATAjet 100 B
  • SATAjet 2000 HVLP (2. Gen.)
  • SATAjet RP
  • SATAminijet 3000 B HVLP (with SATA RPS 0.3 l “minijet”)

RPS suited

With QCC-FunctionWithout QCC-Function (standard thread)**
SATAjet 3000 B HVLP and RPSATAjet 2000 HVLP
SATAjet 1000 B HVLP and RPSATAjet RP
SATAjet 100 B PSATA LM 2000 B
SATAjet 2000 with QCC
SATAjet RP with QCC
SATAminijet 3000 B HVLP *)
*) with SATA RPS 0.3 l “minijet”
**) RPS adapter required

Paint spray guns equipped with this label can be used with the RPS disposable cup system and do not require an adapter.

SAL - SATA authentication label

You have purchased a new product and would like to check the product authentification code ? The holographic authentication label ensures that you purchased an Original-SATA-Product.This security label is available on spray guns, respirators and compressed air filters.On the packagings of spray guns, respiratory protection equipment and compressed air filters you can find hologram stickers. Simply use your fingernail to scratch off the protective layer from one of the two fields.

Sears Craftsman Cup

Measuring unit for viscosity The table below shows the transformation into DIN 4 seconds.

DIN 4Sears Craftsman Cup

Serial number

Almost all SATA paint spray guns and compressed air filters are equipped with an individual serial number which allows the clear identification of the device.Current models have a serial number of 10 digits in the form 123 456 7890. The serial number may also contain letters.Pictures of SATAjet 4000 B, SATAjet 1000 B, SATAjet 100 B, SATAminijet 3000 B, SATAjet 20 B with serial numbers encircled.Older models have a 5- or 6-digits serial number.


Plastics based on a silicon-oxygen structure.

Silicone and silicon-based substances have various fields of application in technology and chemistry.

Besides industrial use, the sector of construction coatings appreciates aquaeous dispersions of silicone resins (silicone emulsions)

for the application of water repellent finishing on walls.

Silicone-based substances change the surface tension. Even very small silicone particles can cause considerable coating flaws (silicone craters). Therefore, silicone-based substances (e.g. gloves, oil etc.) must never be used in coating areas.

Spot and Smart Repair

Repair of minor damage in the car refinishing area. In this case, the SATA minijet is the ideal paint spray gun. Special SR (Spot Repair) nozzle sets featuring a wider fan, allow touch-up work on extremely small surfaces without any edge zones.

Spray gun adapters

Spray gun adapter with QCC for SATA paint spray guns without QCC and for some spray gun of other manufacturers for a quick change of SATA RPS 0.9 l, 0.6 l and 0.3 l „Standard“. The adapters cannot be used for SATA RPS 0.3 l “minijet”!

Initiates file downloadPDF-Download

Storage of paint with RPS / Disposal of used RPS cups

Storage of paint with RPS:

To store paint residues, SATA RPS cups can be closed air-tight, thus avoiding solvent leakage what could affect the colour shade. Furthermore, the stable RPS cup features easy handling

Disposal of used RPS cups:

After the use of RPS, it can be disposed in a simple way. The cups can be stacked space-savingly and the disposal as hazardous waste is not necessary. Cleaning the cup is not necessary.

T.E.C. Transfer Efficiency Control

A version of the “W 400” spray gun from Iwata is a conventional non-HVLP gun with a transfer efficiency of > 65%. Contrary to advertising appearing in some countries, many paint guns with HVLP technology achieve transfer efficiency considerably above that obtained with the W 400 T.E. C.

Trans Tec

New version of conventional non-HVLP spray guns from the DeVilbiss Company. The term implies a transfer efficiency of > 65%.

Transfer Efficiency

-> transfer rate  

Transfer Efficiency Rate

The transfer efficiency rate of a paint spray gun is defined by the ratio:Applied material remaining on the substrate / employed material x 100The  material transfer rate of 65% required by VOC legislation is by far exceeded by modern application technologies such as HVLP and RP which therefore help to recover their initial cost of investment within a very short period of time.


Material viscosity is the time (in seconds) it takes the material to completely flow out of a standardized container. There are different measuring methods available. Please find the corresponding chart attached.


VOC means Volatile Organic Compounds; i.e. organic solvents.These solvents like many other substances trigger the formation of ground level ozone in combination with solar radiation.VOC guidelines established by the European Community (EU) are intended to contribute to reducing solvent emissions. These guidelines will be valid beginning November 1, 2004 for new shops and November 1, 2007 for all companies. Meanwhile, the VOC Guidelines have been incorporated into national law in most EU member states.

Waterborne Paints

It goes without saying that you can apply any waterborne paint with a SATA paint spray gun. There is only one limitation in this respect: Please do not use the same spray guns for the application of solvent-based as well as waterborne paints. We recommend working with two completely separate sets of spray guns, in line with the two separate paint systems.The CCS (Color Code System) which comes with each high-performance spray gun offers a clever solution to assist you in clearly marking your different spray guns.

What is Quick Change?

This term refers to the easy-to-clean, low-maintenance quick connection thread on the air cap. Its coarse threads are easy to clean and can be disassembled and re-assembled with just one-and-a-half turns.


Measuring unit for viscosity The table below shows the transformation into DIN 4 seconds.

DIN 4Zahn 1Zahn 2Zahn 3Zahn 4


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