Cleaning and Maintenance of Paint Spray Guns

Methods of professional spray gun cleaning

Waterborne Paints

More information on paint spray gun cleaning with waterborne paints being used

Solvent-based Paints

More information on paint spray gun cleaning with solvent-based paints being used

Manual cleaning of paint spray guns

Disassembly of nozzle set

  1. First remove paint needle.
  2. Followed by the cap.
  3. And finally, unscrew fluid tip with the ring spanner integrated in the universal wrench.

Cleaning and drying

When cleaning the spray gun manually, please ensure not to use brushes made of metal wires which could possibly damage the spray gun. Furthermore, please make sure that no cleaning fluid ends up in the air passages of the spray gun body - we recommend leaving the spray gun connected to the air line with the air flow rate reduced to the minimum!

Cleaning of the nozzle set

When cleaning the nozzle components, please make sure that metal parts of brushes do not damage the nozzle set. Ideally, please use specially designed SATA cleaning brushes and SATA nozzle cleaning needles to ensure optimum cleaning and maintenance of the nozzle set.

Intermediate cleaning with SATA clean RCS

More information on intermediate cleaning with SATA clean RCS

Cleaning with SATA multi clean 2

More information on cleaning in the closed-circuit gun washer SATA multi clean 2

Assembly and Maintenance 

When installing the nozzle set, please observe that the fluid tip has been hand-tightened with the enclosed ring spanner of the universal tool to ensure safe seal seat.

Each SATA paint spray gun and each replacement nozzle set is hand-adjusted and spray-tested. With a vertical spray fan, the air cap has to be positioned in a way that the laser-etched air cap marking can be read from the front. The marking on the outside of the air cap horn placed in the uppermost position instead indicates the correct orientation when spraying with a horizontal spray fan.

Over the years, the silicone-free SATA high performance spray gun grease which is compatible with paint has proven to be the perfect maintenance agent when thinly applied on all moving components as well as on all threads. This ensures free movement and perfect function of the components even after many years of use. Illustration see above - Art. No. 48173 (1 tube/unit) / 10009 (6 tubes/units)

Should you have any questions, please contact us under +49 (0) 7154/811-200!


Accessories for gun cleaning

Cleaning set: 
2 cleaning brushes and 12 cleaning needles 
Art. No. 64 030


Pack of 10 cleaning brushes
Art. No. 6 007


Pack of 10 double-sided cleaning brushes
Art. No. 9 209


SATA nozzle cleaning needles, set of 3 x 12
Art. No. 9 894


SATA High performance grease, silicone and acid free
Art. No. 48 173


SATA care set
consists of:

  • Tool bag
  • 1 x Cleaning brush, large
  • 5 x Cleaning brush, medium
  • 5 x Cleaning brush, double-sided
  • 12 x Nozzle cleaning needles
  • 1 x High performance grease
  • Practical guide for optimum paint spray gun maintenance 

Art. No. 162 628