Disposable cups

The disposable cup system for mixing and painting

Quick and safe colour changes when using disposable cups such as SATA RPS.

Reusable plastic cup

gravity flow cup for SATA spray guns

Available in various sizes. Red ring denotes a genuine product.

Reusable aluminium cup

Aluminium gravity flow cup for SATA spray guns

With different filling volumes. Genuine only with the red ring.

SATA® Agitator Cup

Compressed air operated, adjustable agitation of materials that tend to settle

The SATA agitator cup is for the application of settling colours and paints at room temperature and conventional application viscosity.


Gravity spray gun with pressure cup for the processing of viscous, sprayable materials.

Connecting the air hose to the blank connection, the cup and thus, the spray gun, can be operated without additional material pressure.